Thursday, July 17, 2008

Table of Contents

The Postmodern Condition

First Naiveté
Beat the Demon

CHAPTER 1: What Can Be Realism

What Realism Can’t Be

Representative Realism

Scientific Realism

Mock Realism Internalized

“Direct” Realism: Straw Man, Red Herring

The Irrelevance of Representationalism

CHAPTER 2: The Same Waking that Dreaming

Postmodern Hopelessness

Farewell to Reason

Are You on the Bus?
Farewell to Truth
Madhouse Philosophy

The Postmodern Prison-House

Blind Submission

CHAPTER 3: Seeing Things

Cross Your Eyes

The Case of the Bent Oar

Are Observations Theory-Laden?

Direct vs. Indirect

Arguments from Illusion

Are Objects Objective?

Is Reality Socially Constructed?

One Truth or Many?

Reference & the Oval Coin

Losing the World

Peirce and Turkey Ham

Meaning Idealism

Color and Subjectivity

A Kantian Blind Alley

Inferring Things

Kant in a Vat

You Can’t Get There From Here

CHAPTER 4: Doubting Skepticism

Chancy vs. Chancier

Abducted by Disjunctive Aliens

The Uncertain Cogito

Infallible Certainty

How Much is Enough Justification?

Iterative Skepticism

Cartesian Prejudice

The Ubiquitous ‘Burden of Proof’ Cheat

The Skeptic as Kamikaze

Is This an Appeal to Simplicity?The Simple Life of a Windowless MonadSuper SimpleA Web of Coherence Founded on the Given
The Problem of the Criterion

Hume’s Riddle of Induction

Why Did the Demon Go Out of Style?

Is This Too Negative?

Is This Epistemological Conservatism?

What if Only Strings Exist?

What About Mysticism?

What About Tolerance?

Realist Truth Works



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